A Smart Home is a Safe Home

Smart Home
& Smart Technology

Have that peace of mind you always want whether you’re at work or away on vacation. A Smart Home, it comes with smart technology. Your home will be integrated with smarter home security, energy-saving capabilities, and automation which all can be done through a single mobile app! 

With professional monitoring and Epic Alarm powered home, you are always protected even if the power is out, phone lines are cut or the security panel is smashed. 

Energy Management

With the Smart Thermostat, you are able to create custom schedules to maximize energy savings. You can track energy use and set goals without having to sacrifice comfort. This thermostat is designed for intelligent integration and easy installation – a must for your Smart Home!

Intelligent Automation

You will always be aware and alert whenever and wherever. In a single app, you can remotely monitor and control all connected devices such as lights, garage doors, locks, cameras and more! Want a single click option? You are able to create custom automation events and set up your system to automatically adjust  your devices in your home while you are away.

Awareness 24/7

With video monitoring, you can see what is happening in and out of your home. Cameras and doorbell cameras are tamper-resistant and with 1080P Wi-Fi cameras, you are able to view high-quality footage that captures a wide view for that optimal security. You are able to see and speak to visitors through the app!

Security Panel

Take advantage of features such as two-way voice for emergency response, crash & smash technology, and severe weather alerts.

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Smart Thermostat

Keep your rooms comfortable and at energy-saving levels when no one is at home. With the Smart Thermostat, it will automatically adjust to the different conditions in each room or with custom settings you have set.

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Outdoor Video Monitoring

Get extra visibility to monitor around your home.

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Image Sensor

The image sensors snap a picture when motion is detected and it will be sent to you so you know what’s happening.

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Smoke & CO Detectors

The system signals for emergency response in the event of a fire. If carbon monoxide is detected, HVAC will be shut down to limit the circulation.

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Interior Video Camera

Always being able to monitor from wherever you are, watch live streaming video anytime, get alerts for specific activities and play back clips all from the palm of your hands!

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Temp Sensor

Add this sensor to any room for temperature optimization. 

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Water sensor

Get alerts for water leaks to avoid costly water damage to your home.

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For energy saving, you can manage lights with automatic schedules and set rules to have lights turn on in an alarm event for visibility and safety.

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Window Sensor

These sensors can alert you that a window is left open which will communicate with your thermostat to modify the temperature.

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Garage Door Control

Get an alert if you have left your garage door open! If it is, you can easily close it from your app.

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Smart Lock

No more heavy keychains as you go keyless! Give each of your family members their own code, remotely lock and unlock the door from the app, and get notified whenever someone uses their code to unlock the door.

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Doorbell Camera

With two-way voice and live video feed, you are able to speak to your visitor without answering the door or even unlock the door for trusted guests.

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