Moving/Transfer Center

Discovering a new place that feels like home is an incredible journey. Whether it’s an upgrade to better suit your needs or your flourishing business demands a change of scenery, Epic Alarm is thrilled to be a part of your transition. Our devoted customers have embraced the idea of taking us along on their ventures, and we, in turn, are delighted to join you on your next adventure! 

If you’re in the process of relocating and wish to move your security system seamlessly with you, or if you’re transferring the account ownership to someone else, rest assured that Epic Alarm is here to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free experience. Your security and peace of mind matter most to us, no matter where life takes you.


You're moving and bringing us along - awesome! Let us know when and where.


Don't want to be basic?
Let us upgrade ya!


What's going on with your system?
Let us know and we can help.

YOUR full service security company with ZERO unhappy customers.

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